Subscription Feature: Gain more commitment to your group and events with customizable paid plans

Hacks, News - Yeap Mei Yi - September 14, 2016

You have been running events to bring your communities together, but now you can explore more creative ways to deliver greater value…

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Event Marketing: Raising the Profile of your Projects

Event Management, Hacks, Inspiration - Yeap Mei Yi - November 8, 2015

It’s the perennial problem that every event organiser grapples with: you have a great idea and a passionate team, you put together…

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#HomegrownMY: Featuring Events that Grew from the Grounds Up in Malaysia

Behind the Scenes, Happenings, Inspiration - Yeap Mei Yi - September 15, 2015

It’s no secret that many amazing events in Malaysia are organised from the grounds up by deeply passionate people. They love what…

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