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Highlights from Peatix Live Festival 2021

Behind the Scenes, Happenings, Online Events - Melizarani - October 30, 2021

The inaugural Peatix Live Festival 2021 brought together musicians, artists and homegrown community creators across Singapore, Malaysia and Japan on Sep 30,…

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Laughing Matters

Behind the Scenes, Online Events - Michelle Leong - August 7, 2020

In the 7th episode of the Peatix Group Chat, we went live in conversation with 2 extremely entertaining guests, no strangers to…

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Creating sustainable and effective fundraisers

Behind the Scenes, Event Management, Hacks, Online Events - Melizarani - July 22, 2020

The pandemic is far from over. While we are slowly emerging out of the lockdown period, many communities are seeking aid and…

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Checking in on your Mental Health

Behind the Scenes, Features, Inspiration, Online Events - Melizarani - June 29, 2020

From Working From Home woes to the stress of uncertain times, managing your mental well-being is of utmost importance during these trying…

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FOR ONLINE EVENTS: The Pre-Event Checklist

Behind the Scenes, Event Management, Hacks, Inspiration - Melizarani - April 9, 2020

So, you’ve already formatted your event and chosen the best platform to run it on. Now it’s time for you to prepare…

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RUNNING AN ONLINE EVENT: Formats and Platforms

Behind the Scenes, Event Management, Hacks - Melizarani - April 1, 2020

PLANNING an online event begins with a series of decisions. The first one to make is the format. One way to decide on…

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Sometimes, the best solution is trash.

Behind the Scenes, Hacks, Inspiration, Musings - Melizarani - October 2, 2019

On Monday morning, we found our Biz Dev guy Nicholas Gerard rummaging through the office trash bin for a used coffee cup.…

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Organizer Stories: Komeeda’s Jabber Al-Bihani

Behind the Scenes, Event Management, Happenings, Inspiration - Phillip Mayer - October 19, 2015

Welcome reader to Organizer Stories! This interview begins a series of blog posts whose intent is to profile some of the most chronically…

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#HomegrownMY: Featuring Events that Grew from the Grounds Up in Malaysia

Behind the Scenes, Happenings, Inspiration - Yeap Mei Yi - September 15, 2015

It’s no secret that many amazing events in Malaysia are organised from the grounds up by deeply passionate people. They love what…

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Inbaraj Suppiah, organiser of OpenCoffeeClubKL

Behind the Scenes with Inbaraj: The super-organiser who grew OpenCoffeeClubKL whilst running a creative agency

Behind the Scenes, Event Management, Inspiration - Claire Ding - August 26, 2015

Unbeknownst to many, events we love are often organised by people who wear many hats during the day beyond putting the event…

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