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Form Data Deletion

Event Management, Features - Michelle Leong - November 9, 2021

With effect from October 16, 2021, all data and information collected via the event form feature on Peatix will be automatically deleted…

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Streamyard: a fuss-free broadcast solution for Peatix Live

Event Management, Features - Melizarani - July 26, 2021

StreamYard is a popular and convenient broadcasting tool you can use to create your events on Peatix Live. Here are the steps…

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Using OBS for your Peatix Live stream

Features - Michelle Leong - July 26, 2021

Like Streamyard, OBS Studio is a popular and free Broadcasting software commonly used for video recording and live streaming and it has…

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Checking in on your Mental Health

Behind the Scenes, Features, Inspiration, Online Events - Melizarani - June 29, 2020

From Working From Home woes to the stress of uncertain times, managing your mental well-being is of utmost importance during these trying…

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Introducing the new Watch Stream page for online events

Event Management, Features, Uncategorized - Melizarani - April 30, 2020

Event Organizers, are you ready to bring about a more seamless experience for attendees who have signed up for your online events?…

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Tag, you’re it!

Event Management, Features, Inspiration, News - Michelle Leong - April 14, 2020

Introducing self-tagging, where organizers can now access over 100 tags, picking out the most relevant ones that help enable better discoverability for…

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