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How to film professional event videos with just your smartphone

Hacks, Marketing - Peatix - September 27, 2016

Did you know that broadcast media Channel 4 News racked up over 200 million video views on Facebook since switching to a…

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5 misconceptions about event marketing (and how to fix them)

Hacks, Marketing - Claire Ding - September 8, 2016

Putting an event together is one thing, but getting the word out about your event so your community hears about it and…

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3 ways you can use videos to promote your event brand

Hacks, Marketing - Shilpa Nath - August 17, 2016

Without a doubt, video has claimed the top spot as King of content in 2016! In fact it is estimated that by…

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4 new features on Peatix that increase ticket sales for your event

Event Management, Hacks, Marketing, News - Claire Ding - July 25, 2016

You’ve got all your event details organized, you click to publish your event page, now you scramble to market your event and…

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How to plan a creative event to up your product appeal, even if in a dull industry

Event Management, Hacks, Marketing - Claire Ding - July 13, 2016

Unless your company has a B2C product or service in the entertainment or leisure industry, you’ll be hard pressed in making it…

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Facebook event marketing: 5 steps to craft an engaging Facebook ad people will notice and click

Hacks, Marketing - Claire Ding - May 17, 2016

Effective Facebook event marketing for a sold-out event was the topic of focus at the 13th edition of Backstage Pass, a community…

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Facebook event marketing: How to increase reach and engagement to sell more tickets

Hacks, Marketing - Claire Ding - May 17, 2016

At the 13th edition of Backstage Pass in Singapore, a community event by Peatix for organisers, we drove deep into the topic of…

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4 considerations in picking a social media platform to drive ticket sales

Hacks, Marketing - Claire Ding - May 13, 2016

Does it matter which social media platform you choose to promote your event on? Yes, absolutely yes. Not all social media platforms…

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Event organisers, this is the one mistake you should never make

Event Management, Hacks, Marketing - Claire Ding - May 6, 2016

To not know your audience well is the biggest mistake you can make in event organising. On the flip side, to drive the…

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5 free livestreaming apps to increase attendee engagement at events

Hacks, Marketing - Shilpa Nath - April 12, 2016

Live video streaming has been around for a long time, but what has changed is the availability of technology that makes streaming…

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