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Using events to build your community in Singapore

Event Management, Hacks, Inspiration - Claire Ding - June 18, 2014

At Backstage Pass by Peatix - a community event for organisers, speakers from JFDI.Asia, Twitter & Google, shared their secret sauce to…

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Singapore Theatre: Speaking directly to your audience with Peatix

Event Management, Musings - Fabian Lua - June 10, 2014

As Peatix approaches our first anniversary in Singapore, we look back at our year in Singapore theatre. — Technology and the theatre…

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How to create and facilitate a great event networking experience

Event Management, Hacks - Claire Ding - March 5, 2014

Tips and tricks to help your attendees engage and connect with others during your event.

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7 ways to set the stage for a great event networking experience

Event Management, Hacks - Claire Ding - February 13, 2014

Facilitating networking goes beyond gathering a bunch of people together at a venue. As an organizer of events where networking with others…

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5 steps to effective event networking

Event Management, Hacks - Claire Ding - February 6, 2014

We attend events for many reasons. Often it’s for the free food. Sometimes it’s to do yoga on a paddle board. Other…

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Sending wedding invitations should be simpler and faster. We agree.

Event Management, Hacks - Claire Ding - January 24, 2014

Organising a wedding can be a pretty exciting yet mammoth task at the same time with so many things to think about…

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Six steps to levelling up your event check-in experience

Event Management, Hacks - Fabian Lua - January 10, 2014

Start your guest experience on a positive note and your event on time by managing entry at the door more efficiently.  Here’s…

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Today, We Bid You Farewell

Event Management, Hacks, News - Claire Ding - December 20, 2013

No fret, Peatix Singapore is here to stay! Rather, it’s with fondness that we say our initial farewells to those we’ve gotten…

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Organizer Tip: 7 Ways to Reel in the Early Birds to Start Your Event on Time

Event Management, Hacks - Phillip Mayer - November 26, 2013

Unless you own a movie theater or run guided tours of the sunrise, starting an event on time can be an issue…

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