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Event Marketing: Raising the Profile of your Projects

Event Management, Hacks, Inspiration - Yeap Mei Yi - November 8, 2015

It’s the perennial problem that every event organiser grapples with: you have a great idea and a passionate team, you put together…

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5 types of posts you can generate for Facebook to promote your event 

Hacks, Marketing - Peatix - October 5, 2015

Experiment with these five post types for Facebook to portray your event in a comprehensive and appealing way to your event’s target audience, each with…

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6 ways you can create Instagram-worthy photo moments at your event

Event Management, Hacks, Inspiration, Marketing - Peatix - September 23, 2015

300 million – that’s the number of active users Instagram has each month! Impressive. Out of which, 41% are aged 16-24 and 35%…

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4 groups you should interact with on social media to increase your event’s reach

Hacks, Marketing - Claire Ding - August 6, 2015

In this digital day and age, most, if not all organisers, manage at least one social media platform, be it Facebook, Twitter,…

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8 ways to market your event successfully (even on a low budget!)

Hacks, Marketing, Money Matters - Claire Ding - February 17, 2015

Ayla Kremb and Faith Bogue, two experts on marketing leaves us with 8 tips on how to market our event successfully.

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Meta Fridays: Facebook Event Marketing

Hacks, Marketing - Phillip Mayer - September 27, 2014

A list of lists for how to adeptly handle marketing an event on Facebook

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A Case Of DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia 2014: Creating a better event experience in 4 ways

Behind the Scenes, Event Management, Hacks, Inspiration - Claire Ding - June 24, 2014

The DBS-NUS Social Venture Challenge Asia 2014 had seven change-makers pitch their social ventures. Beyond the event, we took away four pointers…

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An organiser’s must-have event management tool kit: 12 web and mobile tools for events

Event Management, Hacks, Money Matters - Claire Ding - May 14, 2014

An organiser's must-have event management toolkit with nine online tools and mobile apps to use for planning your next event.

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7 questions to ask when choosing an event #hashtag

Event Management, Hacks, Marketing - Claire Ding - April 10, 2014

Use hashtags to engage with your event's attendees and create an amplified reach to an audience beyond your existing followers and fans…

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How to promote your event using social media: 5 easy first steps

Hacks, Marketing - Claire Ding - March 18, 2014

In the days of social media, six degrees of separation has become merely three if not less. Tap into these vast social…

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