How To Increase Your Event’s Chances Of Media Publicity

Hacks, Marketing - Peatix - October 19, 2015

So you have an event coming up: Congratulations! Now comes the part where you’re looking for ways to get the word out to…

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8 ways to transform attendees into your event ambassadors

Event Management, Hacks, Marketing - Peatix - October 12, 2015

Event attendance can range from a size of four for a workshop all the way to a size of thousands of people…

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5 types of posts you can generate for Facebook to promote your event 

Hacks, Marketing - Peatix - October 5, 2015

Experiment with these five post types for Facebook to portray your event in a comprehensive and appealing way to your event’s target audience, each with…

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6 ways you can create Instagram-worthy photo moments at your event

Event Management, Hacks, Inspiration, Marketing - Peatix - September 23, 2015

300 million – that’s the number of active users Instagram has each month! Impressive. Out of which, 41% are aged 16-24 and 35%…

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How to motivate your speakers to spread the word about your event

Event Management, Hacks, Marketing - Peatix - September 6, 2015

Networks of speakers are undervalued assets that event organisers fail to leverage on when it comes to promoting their events. Often times,…

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3 taxi booking apps to make attending your event convenient

Event Management, Hacks, Inspiration - Peatix - September 5, 2015

How accessible is your venue? Attendees place lot of importance on this and it will affect their decision to buy the ticket to…

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Party Planner: How To Throw A Minion-Themed Party

Event Management, Hacks - Peatix - August 24, 2015

You know those little yellow blobs that became everyone’s favourite unintelligible (some may beg to differ) menaces after the premiere of Despicable Me?…

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Gain more visibility, and sell more tickets, for your event with category tags

Hacks, Marketing, Money Matters, News - Peatix - August 13, 2015

Getting the word out about your event is important. What is more important though, is that news of your event reaches not…

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Celebrate SG50: 50 organisers making an impact in Singapore!

Hacks, Inspiration - Peatix - August 8, 2015

Our nation’s Jubilee Weekend is here – Happy 50th birthday, Singapore! At Peatix, we’ve been really privileged to meet with the many…

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Another candle on the cake as Peatix Singapore turns two!

Hacks, News - Peatix - July 31, 2015

The past year has been quite a journey and we’re glad to be able to share in the joy and anticipation of…

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