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Amplifying smell at Backstage Pass, a community event for organisers

Invoking the Five Senses for a Memorable Event: 5 tips to evoke memory and emotion with scents

Event Management, Hacks, Inspiration - Claire Ding - February 23, 2017

The sense of smell may often be downplayed, yet it has the capacity to put tears in your eyes, calm you, put…

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Dare to #DoDifferent: How you can create unique events for your community

Event Management, Hacks, Inspiration - Claire Ding - August 30, 2016

It’s hard to imagine how one could ever get bored in Kuala Lumpur. The events scene is well and truly alive with…

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How you can do different and create unique events for your community

Event Management, Hacks, Inspiration - Claire Ding - August 10, 2016

In the three years that Peatix has been in Singapore (we launched 31 July 2013!), we’ve been privileged to have witnessed the…

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Start, grow, and manage your community where your event’s target audience is in easy-peasy fashion: We’ve made this possible

Event Management, Hacks, News - Claire Ding - August 3, 2016

Over the course of building our ticketing platform, we’ve witnessed first hand how many of you have put together brilliant events around…

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PechaKucha Nights – Say hello to presentations you’ll actually love and want more of.

News - Peatix - July 1, 2016

PechaKucha, or chit-chat in Japanese, grew from a single event in Tokyo to a global community of organizers who host PechaKucha Nights…

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5 point venue checklist to scouting and using unique spaces for events

Event Management, Hacks - Claire Ding - June 30, 2016

At the fifth edition of Backstage Pass in Kuala Lumpur, our community event for organisers, we looked into how unique spaces can…

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Organizer Stories: The Sloodge’s Matt Proctor

Inspiration - Phillip Mayer - December 31, 2015

On the outside, Park Slope’s The Sloodge looks like it might be occupied by any one of the neighborhood’s young families just trying…

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Organizer Stories: Marisa Douenias from The Secret Loft Show

Inspiration - Phillip Mayer - December 14, 2015

When we showed up to talk to Marisa Douenias at last month’s Secret Loft Show, she was sporting aqua blue hair beneath…

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Organizer Stories: Brooklyn Spaces Bike Tour, a tour not for tourists

Inspiration - Phillip Mayer - December 4, 2015

The good old Oxford English Dictionary defines “tourist” as “a person who is traveling or visiting a place for pleasure.” Jonah Levy…

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Rosalind Grush as Douglas Gordon as Kurt Cobain as Andy Warhol as Myra Hindley as Marilyn Monroe

Organizer Stories: The Tank’s Rosalind Grush

Inspiration - Phillip Mayer - November 13, 2015

Today on Organizer Stories we sit down with Rosalind Grush, Artistic Director of the storied New York City performing arts presenter The Tank.…

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